The Dead End


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There are three ways a relationship can turn out:

  1. At the end of the day, you are undeniably happy at where you stand—with (or without) your partner.
  2. You surprise yourself that you even managed to stay this long in your relationship. The time that you’ve invested turned out to be a waste. In short, you are unhappy and full of regret (the latter is debatable).
  3. You relationship didn’t last long enough to reach a conclusion.

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The Dead End

Flirting — the guilty pleasure


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There are a lot of things you shouldn’t be doing outside your relationship. A lot of morally unforgivable things. But…what if some of them were scientifically and psychologically proven to be good for you? When it comes to most relationships, flirting is a big no-no. It is, as some might call it, the gateway to how innocent fun turns into something much more complicated and steamy.

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Flirting — the guilty pleasure