What Colour is Love?


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“It is possible to fall in love with someone of a different race, different culture and different faith. The reality is we do not choose who we’re attracted to or fall in love with. That’s why it’s called “falling”, no rational human being with common sense “falls” knowing he or she might be hurt by the fall.” – Dr. Yangki Christine Akiteng

New York City.

It wasn’t too far from where I lived. And it was only $900 for a round trip without stopping. If I left on Thursday evening, I could reach JFK International Airport slightly after midnight.

So why not?

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What Colour is Love?

What Type of Asian Are You?

The ‘Family Tree’ is like a complicated mathematical problem—that cannot be solved using algebra.

Instead, the only way to see the full picture is in the form of diagrams. First, you draw yourself. Then, you add your father and mother just above you. If you know your uncle and aunt, draw them beside your parents. And if you still remember your grandparents, add them above your father and mother. Your end result should turn out something like to this:

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What Type of Asian Are You?