My name is Cheng. It doesn’t end there, but it’s what everyone calls me because my full name is just too exhausting to pronounce. Or so I’ve been told. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a long name—it’s just hard.

Currently, I reside in Toronto, Canada. But I was born in the tropical island of Singapore (which is radically impossible to find on the world map unless you know exactly where to look). On good summer days, I will frequent my family in Calabasas, Los Angeles. It is an 18-hour long flight from Singapore, but California’s In-N-Out burgers keep me going. They are my favorite.

When I was about 17, an unfortunate event happened. Fowler, a dear friend of mine whom I had known since third grade, committed suicide. She took her life because of her troubled relationship. I was deeply saddened about her death and spent the first few days looking through our old Facebook photos, re-living the great times we had together as friends. And the pictures that I was staring at seemed surreal; it was as if she never left, but was on a long camping trip without her cell phone.

So I felt inspired to write this blog. Not because I have dozens of sad, soppy stories to tell (okay…maybe a few). But because relationships are made up of more than just sex and love. They are made up of flirting, smelling, winking, laughing, touching and crying. So this is what my blog is about; it is everything that makes up and affects a relationship without a sob story 101. And when you take a moment to see the little things that are easily overlooked in a relationship, you start to understand it better.


This blog is dedicated to my longtime childhood friend, F. E. C. Fowler.
You are dearly missed. Rest in Paradise.
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